Documentation for redock

Welcome to the documentation for Redock 0.5.8. Redock is a human friendly wrapper around Docker, the Linux container engine. Docker implements a lightweight form of virtualization that makes it possible to start and stop “virtual machines” in less than a second. Redock comes in two parts:

  1. The command line program redock whose main goal to to be simple to use.
  2. A Python API for more advanced use cases (for example the command line program is built on top of the API).

The documentation below also consists of two parts: The readme with installation and usage instructions and the API documentation.

Introduction & usage

The first part of the documentation is the readme which is targeted at users of the redock command line program. Here are the topics discussed in the readme:

API documentation

The second part of the documentation is targeted at developers who wish to use Redock in their own Python projects. Here are the contents of the API documentation: